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the e-volution of trading

medii8, a virtual trading place created in a safe and secure ecosystem. Our fintech validates every transaction and assures e-payment with real-time settlement.

No need to wait, no contract.
Immediate payments and in total safety

Validation | Surety | Settlement

A fintech platform for enriched trading to be faster, safer and an enabler for growth

Quick Deployment of New Revenue Opportunities

Real-Time Settlement of Packet Based Commodities

Revenue Assurance

Increased Margin Rates

The core values of medii8 create the foundations to “make more money quicker”. Our Members are supported in their trade execution through integration and delivery of our Partners solutions via the medii8 eco-system.


a self service platform giving telcos a dedicated online bank account and payment processing, integrated with core network functions that provides real time settlement and market functionality

API based for ease of integration

Fully automated KYC & AML with coverage in 60 countries

Dedicated online bank accounts enabling peer to peer private trade

Funding module allowing management of own or third party finance provisions

FX market providing spot & forward rates removing currency exposure

Fintech transforming interconnect delivery of voice and SMS to wholesale, retail and enterprise operators
medii8 - Digitally Transforming the Interconnect Experience

Exclusive and comprehensive solutions

medii8 has a very flexible platform that can resolve business restrictions for any trading ecosystem. If your industry is restricted with trading challenges due to commercial and contractual restraints, we can help. medii8 provides an environment that delivers real time trading to ensure more business with more partners in real time.
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Assigned Relationship Manager

We have a team of Relationship Managers that will support you in ensuring your business can leverage the medii8 ecosystem to its full potential. We believe that our technology is only a part of the service, managing our relationships are key to all member’s success.

We ensure that our Relationship Managers are focused and deliver world class support.

medii8 Explained


We can respond to our clients' needs quickly and efficiently, providing trade finance to its clients through the security obtained from client receivables.